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Welcome to North Town Consulting, your partner for land acquisition and management.

Since 2012 North Town Consulting has provided land acquisition services, advice, and support to the telecommunications, renewable energy and utilities industries. Combining a full understanding of client requirements with the skills and knowledge to engage, negotiate and collaborate with landowners and regulatory bodies we ensure that the delivery of sites and routes, vital to the national infrastructure and economy are delivered on time and ready for access.


Telecoms - North Town Consulting

North Town Consulting has played an important role in the evolution of telecommunications and broadcast infrastructure across the UK since 2012. The expert land acquisition and management services provided have facilitated the rapid expansion of networks for key players in fixed-line and mobile communications.

Knowledge and experience of working within the Telecommunications Code is critical to maintaining momentum without alienating landowners. We use the Code fairly and at the correct moment to ensure negotiations remain on-track and within guidelines but without jeopardising the long-term relationships that must be forged.

Since 2019, against tight deadlines and within exacting financial and geographical constraints, North Town Consulting has been closely involved in the rollout of the new Emergency Services Network (ESN), a nationwide and nationally critical public safety project with over 50 rural sites acquired, shepherded through the planning process and passed on to build partners ready for construction and commissioning.

North Town Consulting has also played a key role in the expansion of telecommunications networks as part of the Shared Rural Network, bringing modern communications to some of the most remote parts of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Key Projects:
Emergency Services Network
Shared Rural Network
Digital Switchover
Digital Audio Broadcast Phase 4
Thames Water Smart Metering
Avanti Rail Network
Annual Special Events Temporary Communications Licencing


Renewables - North Town Consulting

North Town Consulting takes a proactive role in renewable energy site identification and land acquisition, supporting leaders in the renewable energy industry.

Identifying, assessing and securing suitable locations for renewable energy projects, North Town Consulting collaborates with a trusted network of land agents, landowners and industry professionals to find potential sites meeting topographical and grid connection requirements.

North Town Consulting’s mission is to contribute significantly to the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure in the UK, driving the nation towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Parley Court Solar Farm – Dorset
Stonebarrow Solar Farm – Dorset
Rodbourne Rail Solar Farm – Wiltshire
Knockworthy Solar Farm – Devon
Westover Solar Farm – Hampshire
Canada Farm Solar Park – Dorset


Utilities - North Town Consulting

North Town Consulting secures utilities routes through careful negotiation with landowners and industry bodies to help ensure project success. The management of large numbers of diverse and often competing elements to deliver a single route requires meticulous planning and early engagement to identify and mitigate risks effectively.

Fostering positive relationships with landowners and navigating regulatory processes efficiently is key to minimize disruptions and maximize project efficiency.

With sound industry knowledge and attention to detail blended with a keen understanding of the concerns and needs of landowners, North Town Consulting can deliver reliable solutions for infrastructure projects.

About North Town Consulting

Established in 2012, North Town Consulting has been at the heart of facilitating land acquisition, estate management and town & country planning to the telecommunications, broadcast, renewable energy, and utilities sectors. Often the first boots on the ground and the first knock at the landowner’s door we pride ourselves on establishing solid relationships on behalf of our clients.

North Town Consulting is a small and agile business with a large network of trusted and industry-respected consultants and service providers encompassing surveyors, land managers, town & country planners and project managers meaning that we can assemble a bespoke team quickly to provide the precise services required. Without the need for shiny offices or multitudes of back-office staff we ensure that your fees are spent on the individuals that bring efficiency and value where it matters.

We understand the importance of building strong relationships with clients, landowners, stakeholders and regulatory bodies, dedicated to fostering positive engagements, negotiating fair and practical agreements, and upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

With so many infrastructure projects relying on condensed deadlines and clean execution to meet exacting timescales and requiring many elements to merge at the correct time it is crucial that the acquisition and planning partner has the experience and knowledge to navigate the regulatory frameworks. Our goal is to provide these essential services by collaborating closely with the various skills and disciplines that need to combine for your project to be successfully delivered.

Whether you’re embarking on a telecommunications network expansion, renewable energy development, or utility infrastructure project, North Town Consulting is here to provide expert help and support.

About North Town Consulting

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